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Bin collection plymouth? If you live in the city of Plymouth, you know that trash day is always a pain. You have to make sure your bins are out on the curb the night before, or else the garbage collectors will skip your house. But what if there was an app that could remind you when it was time to put your bins out?

What is the bin collection service in Plymouth?

The bin collection service in Plymouth is a weekly service that collects household waste from homes and businesses in the city. The service is provided by the council’s waste contractor, Veolia.

The service operates on a Monday to Friday basis, with collections taking place between 7am and 3pm. Homes and businesses are able to put their bins out for collection the night before their scheduled collection day.

Bins must be placed at the edge of the property, next to the footpath or road, so that they are easily accessible for the collection crew. Bins must not be obstructed by parked vehicles or other objects.

waste that cannot be disposed of in a standard bin, such as electrical items, mattresses and asbestos, can be disposed of through the council’s bulky waste collection service. This service is available to all residents and businesses in Plymouth.

What types of bins are collected?

The Plymouth City Council provides a bin collection service for residents in the city. There are four types of bins that are collected: general waste, recycling, food waste, and garden waste. General waste is collected weekly, while recycling and food waste are collected fortnightly. Garden waste is collected monthly.

When is bin collection day?

If you live in Plymouth, your bin collection day depends on your postcode. To find out when your bins will be collected, enter your postcode into the council’s website.

Bin collections take place every week, except for during the Christmas and New Year period. During this time, there is no change to bin collection days.

How to prepare for bin collection day

It’s bin collection day again! Here are some tips on how to prepare for your weekly or fortnightly pick-up:

  • Make sure all of your rubbish is in the right bins. Check with your local council if you’re not sure which bin to put certain items in.
  • Try to put your bins out the night before, or early in the morning on the day of collection. This will help to avoid missed collections.
  • If you have any large items that won’t fit in your bins, most councils offer a bulky waste collection service.

That’s it! With these simple tips, you can make sure your bin is collected without any problems.

Tips for using

The bin collection service in Plymouth is a great way to get rid of your household waste. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure that your experience is as smooth as possible.

Here are some tips for using the bin collection service:

  • Make sure that your bins are placed at the edge of your property so that they are easily accessible for the collectors.
  • Make sure that your bins are clearly labelled with the correct type of waste. This will help the collectors to quickly identify which bin is for which type of waste.
  • Try to put all of your waste into one bin. This will make it easier for the collectors and will also save you money on additional bin charges.If you have any large items of waste, please contact the council in advance so that we can arrange for a special collection.

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