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Struggling to begin your task of safe Fridge Disposal? Follow our easy and quick guide to safely and legally dispose of your old fridge. If you want to dispose of your old unwanted fridge or freezer in an environmentally conscious and responsible way, it is no mean feat.

Disposing of a fridge like other household oversized items needs more attention and care. Once your fridge is past its best, and you want to choose a replacement, keep reading for expert advice to dispose of your old fridge.

How Can I Dispose of My Fridge?

Fridge or freezer elimination is not a tricky job. By giving you our ultimate guide for easy and quick fridge disposal, we will get your stress of fridge disposal away. Unfortunately, like other household waste, you cannot place your fridge in the general skip as the refrigerator is included in hazardous waste.

You’d perhaps struggle to lift the fridge, but it is also unlawful to dispose of the fridge like other common waste elimination methods. Several cases of unlawfully fly-tipped fridges are there that can harm the environment and public health.

Our blog on fly-tipping is explicit about fly-tipping as a criminal offence as well as it explains the examples of potential fines imposed on offenders. When handling fridge recycling or disposal, some handy advice is there to follow to ensure that you are not part of this statistic.

Was Your Fridge Manufacturing Year Before 2000?

In domestic fridge production the year 2000 was a climactic point! Before it, fridges were home to a few nasty pretty substances: the main one being Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs); these substances were eliminated by 2000 under the Montreal Protocol.

If you consider your fridge was manufactured before 2000 and is home to these phased-out substances, do not panic. We are just required to be aware there is a waste collection for you. Call us for more information if you still are not sure about it.

Can You Sell or Donate Your Fridge?

You can think of donating your fridge to someone in need instead of booking a recycling service if your fridge is still in working condition. Your unwanted, old fridge might be an ideal gift for someone in need. Think before disposing of your fridge is there any friend or family member who needs and will use your unwanted old fridge.

Alternative to friends and family, there are many charities that accept your old fridges happily; some of them even will be ready to take them away. The other option available is to sell your old unwanted fridge; this can be done in a number of ways, either by placing an ad in the local paper or online. If it is in working order, this can be exactly what the other person is looking for, like donating your refrigerator to charities.

Selecting Your Fridge Disposal Service

Unfortunately, removal is the only choice left if your fridge has come to the end of its lifecycle. As fridges are not included in household trash, they cannot be placed in skips with general waste. However, there are some lawful ways to dispose of the fridges, and a couple of options are available when selecting a fridge disposal method.

Recycling Centers

Probably the most famous and cheapest option is taking your undesired old fridge to your local recycling centre. Although, you must make sure that wherever you are moving your fridge, either they accept it or not as all recycling centres do not accept fridges specifically manufactured before 2000 years.

Man & Van Rubbish Removal

Our Man and Van Rubbish Clearance service is a cost-effective alternative to skip hire, and it permits you to sit back and revitalize, as the team of Skip Hire Plymouth will collect and eliminate your fridge for your convenience and total peace of mind. All we need is that our team can park within 50 meters of your waste fridge in a free and safe space.

This Man and Van Rubbish Removal is for urgent removals when you need a quick response time and require it to be transferred in the next few days. Unfortunately, because of their hazardous components, Fridges are not enveloped in our general household waste collection. However, fridges can be handled with some extra charges.

Retailer Collection

There might be chances that you are replacing your old unwanted fridge with a new one. In this case, most retailers will offer removal/collection services for the old unwanted fridges, but this is frequently treated by retailers as an additional service and, in this way, will charge some extra.


Finally, your local council can offer a fridge collection service if you are a resident of the area. You may find you have to wait for a couple of weeks for a date arrangement for your fridge collection as it is the most popular option of fridge disposal selected by many people. We suggest you visit the website Gov UK to learn more about costings and local council.

Considering Disposal Acquiescence

So, this is the time when you have finalized whether you are disposing of, selling or donating your fridge; you are required to ensure that you are doing the whole procedure lawfully. Make sure it is not being fly-tipped as fly-tipping is a criminal offence with severe results, so make sure you are not at any type of risk. Your fridge disposal method must be lawful as you can be found guilty of fly-tipping even if you are not doing it.
A quick checklist is here to ensure you do not grumble:

  • Check that your local recycling facility offering service for your fridge recycling is a licensed waste carrier station and not an unlawful dumping station.
  • Check that the retailer who is collecting your fridge has a waste carrier license and is taking your fridge to a licensed transfer station.
  • Your waste clearance company has a waste carrier license and is taking the fridge to a licensed trash transfer station.
  • Make sure you receive a trash transfer note from your trash carrier for your fridge disposal.

Sit Back and Revitalize

You are now prepared to say goodbye to your old unwanted fridge and use your shiny new one. If you need to hire cheap skip hire services please click on the given button below to hire a skip or other waste management services

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