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Have you ever seen a massive container on a construction site, full of rubble and waste? That is a roll-off skip, and they are an incredibly useful piece of equipment when it comes to the efficient collection of large amounts of waste. In this article, we’ll discuss how RORO skip hire works, its advantages and disadvantages, and what makes them the ideal solution for commercial projects.


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What Are Rolloffs?

Roll-off skips are large, open-topped waste containers that are typically used to collect and dispose of bulk waste, such as construction and demolition debris. They are typically loaded onto a roll-off truck using a crane and then taken to a landfill or recycling facility for disposal.

Types of Waste Collected in a Roro Skip hire

The types of waste collected in a roll-off skip include:

-Construction and demolition debris
-Household junk and furniture
-Yard waste
-Renovation materials
-Bulk items

The Benefits of Using a RoRo Skip

There are many benefits of using a RORO skip hire when compared to other types of skips. One of the main benefits is that they are much easier to load and unload due to their ramped design. This means that you can save time and effort when loading and unloading heavy or bulky items.

Another benefit is that ro-ro skips are typically larger in size than standard skips, which means that you can fit more waste into them. This is ideal if you have a large amount of waste to dispose of, or if you need to clear out a commercial property.

Finally, ro-ro skips are also generally more affordable than other types of skips. This is because they are designed for easy loading and unloading, which reduces the overall cost of hiring them.

Where are Rolls On?

Roll-off skips are often seen on construction sites and in other commercial settings. But where else are they used?

Roll-off skips can be used in a variety of settings, both commercial and residential. Construction sites are one of the most common places you’ll see them, but they’re also increasingly being used by homeowners and businesses for various projects.

Some of the most popular uses for roll-off skips include:

-Construction site cleanups

-Renovation projects

-Landscaping projects

-Yard waste removal

-Junk removal

How much do they cost?

The cost of a roll-off skip will vary depending on the size of the skip and the company you rent it from. Generally, the larger the skip, the more it will cost. The average cost of a RORO skip hire depends on your location.

How to book a Rolls On Skip

Roll-off skips are a type of skip that is commonly used for construction and demolition projects. They are typically larger than standard skips and have a door on one side that allows them to be easily loaded with waste.

If you’re planning a construction or demolition project, then you may need to book a roll-off skip. Here’s how to do it:

1. Decide on the size of the skip you need. Roll-off skips come in various sizes, so you’ll need to choose one that’s appropriate for your project.

2. Contact a skip hire company. Once you know the size of skip you need, get in touch with a skip hire company and ask for a quote.

3. Book the skip. Once you’ve agreed on a price, you can book the skip and arrange for it to be delivered to your site.

4. Fill the skip! Once the slip is delivered, you can start filling it up with waste from your project. Just make sure not to overfill it as this could be dangerous.